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    I am picking up my new MacBook Pro tomorrow, this model has cost quite a lot so I kind of want it to be perfect as possible.
    Can anyone give any advice on what to check when it first comes out of the box?
    Certain faults to look for that may be possible?

    I saw one person return theirs because the lid wasn’t closing straight, that’s the sort of thing.
    I figure Ill boot it up in store and look to see anything noticeable, but anything else to look for?
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    I would probably take a moment to look closely at the exterior. Then the interior. But no worries. I believe there is a 14-day return at the Apple Store.
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    Take it home, unbox it, and check it out where it will be used. If it doesn't meet your expectations, you have 14 days to return it for a full refund. Also, now that we are into the Xmas season, I believe you have even longer to return it for a full refund.
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    You have to pay for it first before opening. They will not let you open in the store until after you pay for it. Also there is a limit to how many the will open for you if you find a problem with the one you bought.
    I was there once when a customer went three plus the one he bought originally. He complained he saw a bad pixel on the screens. No one else but him could see it After four they said couldn't open any more.
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    until Jan 6.

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