OS X Titanfall with Bootcamp or Xbox one?


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Mar 12, 2014
I really want to play Titanfall and have ordered the Xbox one bundle.

Then I saw a video of someone with the same iMac I have, running Titanfall (using bootcamp) with these settings:

1280 x 720
AntiAliasing: none
Texture res: insane
Texture filtering Antistropic 4x
Lighting, effects, model detail: high
Impact marks: high

My question is which of these will have the best graphics and performance, the xBox one or the Mac?

Here's the vid out of interest




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Sep 19, 2003
If you have that iMac it's pretty decent (although the 512 MB VRAM might hold you back a bit.) I'd probably just get the PC version unless there are XBone games you are interested in. It'll probably look better on the xbox because you wouldn't be running it at native res on the iMac, but it's not going to look better enough to warrant the $500 purchase.


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Mar 4, 2005
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I can also confirm this is playable in Bootcamp on a 13" retina macbook pro from 2013 with Intel Iris graphics 5100

I posted a youtube video of the results:

I also added a link if you want the game for 33 dollars USD instead of paying full price
Interesting ... looks very playable!! I've got a 2012 rMBP13 and was considering the upgrade - this might just clinch the deal. Any idea on the FPS? Was it really OK to play or a but stuttery?

Also, just to confirm, you're using the DS4 wirelessly?



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Aug 1, 2008
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Titanfall on 13" Retina MBP

I installed titanfall via bootcamp on my 13" Retina MBP with the Iris 5100 graphics. It runs great with everything set to medium and resolution at 1280x720, which may be equivalent to or at times a little better than the XBONE.

Couple of caveats - Origin SUCKS. It's seriously so bad to use and completely unfriendly. If you have friends who play and want to invite them to game with you, it's a pain. You eventually get it to work, but Origin is just awful.

Second: You must install the latest Intel graphics. It took some tweaking, but I believe someone linked them in a youtube video. That's where I got them from and now I don't get any strange artifacts.

Oh, and I'm sure this goes without saying, but prop your laptop up so it can vent and isn't sitting in a pool of it's own heat, and secondly get a decent mouse and maybe a controller. Finally, plug it in, I get about 9.5 hours on average with my MBP in OS X, that's down to about 5 hours in bootcamp, 6 if I'm running parallels, and about 2 if I'm playing titan fall.

Now go kill some pilots!


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Mar 15, 2011
I have Titanfall on my PC (GTX570 running almost everything on high.. had to set shadows to med) and it's pretty fun. I know I am going to buy an XB1 eventually and now I see bestbuy has the Titanfall bundle for $450... but I have so many 360 games that I have not started or completed yet.. can't justify the purchase of the XB1 yet, but I am very impulsive lol