OS X Titanic Honour and Glory

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    Aug 19, 2017
    I've just stumbled (back) across this ambitious indie effort (after initially coming across it after their viral 'real time sinking' video a couple of years back). Today is of course the 107th anniversary of the ship hitting the iceberg (technically it sank tomorrow in the wee hours). Perhaps this is a slightly macabre topic for a video game (?) but I had forgotten quite how beautiful the Olympic-class ships really were, so nice to see them re-created in such pain-staking detail. They say they are meant to be re-creating everything on the ship right down to service corridors and linen stores, so I'm eager to have a virtual poke around - I quite enjoy looking around big old manor houses/ palaces so I'm hoping this will give something of a similar feel!

    And yes it's meant to be available for Mac (though sounds like you might need one of the new Mac Pros to play it at decent settings/ frame rates :D)

    Just unfortunate as yet there is still no firm release date :-(

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