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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by araje, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Well, I guess the title says it all.
    Everytime I sync my iPhone with iTunes for music or for anything it first takes a backup of the phone. And then it just keeps one backup (last one).
    I realized that I screwed up something a few weeks back and then when I realized it, restoring backup is not an option since the backup now has the screwed up app setting also backed up.
    I really don't want to delete the app and start over fresh again.
    So it just means that this whole concept of backup is just not so friendly.

    If anyone has any solutions please I will greatly appreciate that.
  2. eyoungren, Jan 20, 2013
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    When iTunes opens and your device is connected, select the iPhone in the list in the sidebar and right-click (or CTRL+Click) on the iPhone name. Select backup. Save the backup anywhere you want. It's manual backup and you can do it any time you want.

    iPhone backups are tagged with the date and time of the backup. To find old ones see this page for their location on your HD.
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    Apr 15, 2012
    Thanks eyoungren.
    Thanks do much for sharing this info. I wish I knew this earlier. Thanks again.

    But then, this probably helps from a full flashing of the phone point of view. Is there anything that helps restore the individual app settings and data specifically if the app doesn't have the capability of icloud storage of settings. Probably not, but still worth asking. Also is there anything on the cydia side of things that can help here? Ie when IOS6 gets a jailbreak.

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    It's my understanding that when you make a manual backup (and possibly in the case of an automatic backup) it's a full backup of everything, unlike an iCloud backup. But I may be wrong. You might have to redownload apps I think.

    I know that quite a few apps back up their data in to iCloud (I've had to remove some of the ones I didn't care to have doing this) but if the app in question is not capable of that then the only way your data would be preserved would be in an iTunes backup (or some other backup app if there happens to be one).

    I've not heard of anything that would do what you are asking on an app by app basis. But I've only been in the iPhone ecosystem for about a year. I come from a Windows 6 Pro point of view where full restores are often the common solution to a single problem so that was my approach to the iPhone (and thus the reason I had any interest in finding out this information). Finding one of these cryptic backups saved my data once.

    My 3GS was jailbroken for a while and I had a backup app from Cydia, but it was mainly just a database that (like iCloud) went out to Cydia and redownloaded apps. I haven't spent long enough with Cydia to know what's there for this type of thing.

    If you do a restore on your iPhone from iCloud you should be presented with a list of backups (there is an option for older backups). While that may not restore some of your current data it may return the app to a pre-corrupt state. You can always make a manual backup to iTunes first and restore back to that if something goes wrong.

    Other than a complete restore from an earlier backup (a shotgun when you need a scalpel) I don't see any other way.

    P.S., in my instructions above on the Mac (in iTunes), that should be CTRL+Click, not CMD+Click. Sorry!
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    It's not from iTunes.

    But when I've restored from iCloud, I've gotten a choice of several previous dates to restore from. They are incremental, and keep track of several.

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