Titanium book random freezeups

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by HBlaine, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Nov 15, 2011
    I've got an 867 Mhz TiBook, set up to dual boot into Tiger or OS 9. I started having problems in OS 9 with the system suddenly freezing. The cursor would disappear and the system would lock up. I'd let it set for several minutes, but the system wouldn't come out of it. The only thing you could do would be to disconnect the power and drop the battery. Obviously, that's not something I want to do repeatedly.

    Later, it started happening in OS X. I ran the disk utilities in both OS 9 and X, and it caught problems, which I finally ended up repairing by booting from the Tiger disk and running Disk Utilities. I later installed AppleJack, and ran that. Everything seemed to be fine. Until I started having the same problem in OS X again.

    I got to thinking that this was a problem in the OS, and meant to wipe the drive and do a reinstall. I was going to just install OS 9 first, but the system will not boot from the OS 9 disk. So I've just sort of put it off for awhile. (I have a 1 Mhz TiBook running nothing but Tiger, and it has no problems whatsoever.)

    I'm really hoping this isn't a hardware problem, but...

    Any thoughts/suggestions/prayers would be appreciated. :apple:
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    I'm no expert, but it's probably the logic board. I have a TiBook/400. It's been through one logic board (the original) already with the same kind of symptoms. Only when the first one failed it was a matter of decreasing returns. Every time it froze and I rebooted it would never go as far as it had earlier in booting.

    The second logic board was fine until my 3yr old daughter sent it (the Mac) flying off the couch. Now it will be fine for a while (even sleep and wake), but ultimately it will eventually freeze at some point and I have to reboot. I cannot shut the lid directly. It freezes. I have to send the Mac to sleep first and then I can close the lid. I also had to remove some video drivers (which I did not before) just to get it to boot without using Safe Mode. That leads me to believe it's the video that is causing the issue and of course the video is part of the logic board.

    I could be wrong, but at this point I'm not buying a third logic board to find out. You might though. The boards are cheap and if you are willing to dissassemble the Mac it's pretty straightforward if you follow the iFixit guides.

    eBay is a good place to look, but I have found really good prices at UsedMac. The logic board I bought from them was only $89. To me that's a pretty good deal.
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    Nov 15, 2011
    I'm kinda thinking the same thing, the more I research the problem...

    Curses... :mad:

    Might be a good time to start looking into getting a new board.... Thanks for the link. I'll give them a look, and also start casting around with all the usual suspects... (eBay, etc.)

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