Titanium Powerbook just died, what to do.


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The title says it all, today when using my titanium powerbook at the local library it died. It now does nothing other than charge the battery, but there is electricity couring throung its veins, as I turned it on and 5 minutes later the cpu was hot, but the fan did not turn on to cool down.

What to do?? :confused: :confused: :confused:


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Nov 9, 2003
Dress Rosa
Sound like the LCD died. Try hooking it up to a second monitor perhaps? Might have to resort using it as a desktop machine, unless you have AppleCare... and that's only plausible if you bought the extended plan and a TiBook between Aug-Nov 2003. At least I *think*the ti's were discontinued in nov 03.

You can get LCDs off of eBay if the external monitor thing works.