iPod Titling random tracks


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Feb 2, 2006
NY state
I have a lot of one off (as in a single song by an artist) stuff on my iPod that I would prefer not listed by the artists name as it makes my artist list longer then I prefer.

Is there a quick way I can get all those one off songs grouped together while still keeping the artist and title of the song, but without each one appearing in my artist list? I'm not sure how compilations work, so maybe that's the key?

To get around this, right now I have a bunch of oldies tracks where I've changed the artist name to "oldies" for each one and then just list the song titles so those songs all appear grouped together under "Oldies" in my artist list, but basically I'm wondering if there is a better way to do this while keeping the artist names?


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Aug 16, 2005
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luckylisp said:
I'm not sure how compilations work, so maybe that's the key?
If you flag the tracks as a compilation and turn on the switch to group compilations it'll do what you want.

The main point of the Compliations flag is to keep the files together in a single folder on the disk, but you can use this new feature to keep one-hit wonders segregated from your favorite artists.

Smart Playlists could also be of assistance here e.g. you could put "oldies" in the grouping tag and create one SPL that gathered those and another that was not oldies for the rest of your library.