Tivo and Mac OS X?


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Dec 18, 2002
Stafford, VA
I am considering ordering Tivo and am looking for a "Tivo from a Mac users perspective" using OS X. I see that there is a Tivo Desktop application for Mac (that my not work for an intel Mac) and there is no Tivo desktop transfer application (expected sometime in mid-2006). Besides asking for you basic "thoughts"... here are some specific questions if you can address them:

1) As a Mac user, should I just consider a DVR writer Tivo option to ensure I can transfer any recorded video to my computer?

2) Has anyone found a workaround to copy off Tivo file manually and use them in a useful way on OS X?

3) Does the sharing of photos and songs work well via the Tivo software (iLife 06)?

4) Do you use an internet access point or hardwire ethernet for the box?

5) Alternatives to Tivo more "mac friendly"?

[mods, not sure if this is the 'right' location for this, please move if other is better, but question is mostly referring to functionally and compatibility with Mac OS X}


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Jan 21, 2002
Langley, Washington
1) If you want to be able to burn DVD's go for the DVD Writer.
2) It is easy to get the videos off the TiVo, as the TiVo acts as a web server, and even has a page that contains all your recorded programs. The only thing you need to do is to replace some file in the TiVo's file system to unscramble. Do a search for more information.
3) The TiVo Desktop Software is currently compatible with Intel Macs. Sharing your tunes and photos is easy and great. The only drawback is the that you cannot play AAC or Protected AAC on it.
4) At home I use Wireless, and when I'm at Work. At School, I'm forced to use the wired network. They both work well.
5) No other Stand-alone box allows for the freedom that TiVo does. Use of other systems, like eyeTV requires the use of a computer to do all the recording.

Personally I enjoy having my DVR separate from my Computer. Plus, with my TiVos I have prevented the monopolization of the TV's at School, as my roommates can download their shows onto their computers to watch if they feel so inclined.


PS. - If you do get a TiVo, please use my e-mail address as a referrer. :)


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Feb 22, 2005
Maybe Tim Cook will finally see the wisdom of buying out TiVo that eluded Mr. Jobs.

The argument that TiVo is not profitable is a misnomer because if TiVo had Apple's economies of scale at its disposal, the company would be profitable.