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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by yg17, Feb 6, 2008.

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    My home built PVR crapped out, I think a fan died while I wasn't home, and things went downhill from there. And it's really just not worth it to fix it. It's old, so I'd need a new processor, which means I'd need a new motherboard, which means I'd need new RAM and video card.

    I've decided to go ahead and get a TiVo. I was thinking about the TiVo HD, although I don't have a high def TV. I plan on getting one in the summer sometime, so I don't want to get a standard def TiVo only to need to upgrade in a few months.

    I think the answer is "yes" but I'd like confirmation. Can I use a TiVo HD on regular, crappy, analog cable with a regular, crappy, standard def TV? And once I go HD and get digital cable, all I need to do is get a CableCARD from my provider (I have a feeling that one's easier said than done) and install it in the TiVo? Thanks
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    yes, you can use an hd tivo, but you won't have the dual tuner capability without those cable cards, meaning you won't be able to record two shows simultaneously. if that's all right with you, you'll be fine. if you need or want that capability, you can actually go ahead and get those cable cards installed. you can use regular composite cables to output to your standard def television and upgrade to component or hdmi cables when you upgrade to a high def set.
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    WRONG - with no Cablecards you will have dual tuner analog and/or dual tuner over-the-air HD (which is actually very nice - higher bit rate than cable), BUT if you put in one cable card, you will have only one tuner on anything. It is a bit weird, but even analog and OTA will have only one tuner with just one CC - there's no logical reason except to make the DRM simpler. I have an S3 and an HD, and they are both great.

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