TMobile Edge vs ATT Edge that different?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Philberttheduck, Mar 15, 2008.

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    i was testing out my tzones on and was at an underwhelming 90 kbps, while the average one is 200+. Now I understand that it's the cheapest plan so I'm not really complaining (probably will make the move up though because it's totally not worth it; google maps is the only thing that fxns decently and the facebook web app). However, because the internet plan for t-mobile's all-access package is the same $20 dollars as ATT's $20 data package, it's really just a wash.

    Now, I was wondering what speeds ATT users get using edge vs those with t-mobile's edge to determine which is a better value, if any.
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    I unlocked my phone the other day to try Tmo, since Im still under Tmo contract until June. First off, I dont even get Tmo Edge at my house, only GPRS. Not a huge deal because Im running off my router at the house.

    When I went into town I was able to get on Edge though. Ran a test at iphonenetworktest and was getting speeds of between 170-200 on both Tmo and ATT.

    I will say this too, dont run the test once and take that number as the gospel. First time I ran Tmo I got 201. First time I ran ATT I got 86, I was like "WTF?!?!?" Then I ran it again on ATT a few times and it averaged about 180. Ran it a few times on Tmo and never saw 200 again, mostly 170-180s.
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    iphonenetworktest blows, honestly.


    on, i got 230.30kbps "which means you can download at 28.79 KB/sec from our servers". It gives you a nice chart of where you actually compare to as well. (2nd time. 213.00kbps, 3rd time 231.40kbps)

    So yeah, there's some 'official att customer numbers' :D

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