Carrier Tmobile's Music Freedom not really free?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by edtorious, Jun 19, 2014.

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    I have an Unlimited PREPAID plan that throttles at 5GB. The FAQ on tmobile's website seems to indicate that music freedom is included in my plan.

    And so I tried using iTunes Radio today and listened to one song. I checked my data first using tmobile app before using the itunes radio app, I had 4488.8 MB and after using the iTunes Radio and playing one song, I checked my data again and it now says 4490.0 MB.

    So what gives? :confused: I turned off my loc services, turned off mail, closed any apps running on background but still accumulating data. What do you think? Am I missing something?
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    One possibility (from your link)

    Note: Most music streaming includes small amounts of non-music streaming data, such as album art and pic advertisements. This data does use data from your high-speed data bucket, and the amount of data varies by streaming partner and the device being used. If you stream music for hours at a time, you can expect to see an increase in your data usage.
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    Who can get Music Freedom and when is it available?
    Music Freedom is available starting June 18th to new and existing customers with a qualified Simple Choice Plan.

    - TMO
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    A much better test would be to stream for maybe an hour or so and see what your numbers are looking like.

    The difference you are seeing can be the simple difference between the time it takes for their system to accurately update how much data you have used or possibly something else.

    Also, the numbers you posted would imply that this one song was a total of 200kb. Granted I have no idea what you listened to, but I am certain the vast majority of songs are 10x that size, if not more.
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    prepaid $30/mo unlimited data 5GB LTE plan is not considered "Simple Choice" btw. you do not qualify for the music streaming feature
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    On the plus side that song is over 6MB so it's not counting the full file.
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    If you go to the tmobile plan page, it specifically says that iPad data plans do get music freedom. Go to tmobile. Shop for plans. Being your own tablet. It says it right there that prepaid data plans do indeed get music freedom.

    You need to pay money. If you have 200 mb of free data ,that will be burned up before your paid data and music freedom kicks in.

    Pictures , lyrics, thumb nails do not count. Those go against your allowance.
    You have to be using the actual app, to get free data, if you play music over mobile hotspot, or using the web page it will go against your plan
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    does the album art that loads up with Spotify count against your data limit or is it only the streaming of the music itself? what about all of the extra app data that gets transmitted

    T-Mobile is great now, i love their events and i follow them like i follow Apple's...but dear lord they need much better explanations of their features. throwing 3 bullet points with "hip" wording doesn't cut it these days when having cell service is multi-dimensional when it comes to features
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    I left my iPad on iTunes Radio for 8 hours and I didn't see any data usage
    After my 200 mb of free data was spent

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