To All Developers on these forums, please read.


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Apr 14, 2008
Ignore this all!
I'll be over to the iPhone developer's thread in just a tick!

MOD: any chance of deleted this thread? Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Nov 3, 2007
Dear all,
I'm sat here wondering whether there are any devs in these forums that haven't spoken up yet.
A few people here, and myself, have ideas for apps we'd like to develop, but have no idea how to code.
If you'd be willing to work with someone to design/create an application, then please post here.
Hope to hear from a few people,
Dan x
There is a forum down the main forum page called 'iPhone Programming' we are very active there.


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Jul 11, 2008
i'm a man with full of ideas...


someone make a damn game with leaderboards that isn't taptap.

like what?

a turn based game with push notification ( or right now refresh ) such as Final Fantasy Tactics.

another example?

someone make an eve-online app that shows who is online on buddylist and whats going on with my skills.

I got more than just games, I have a billion ideas, it's not hard to pull off.

Got to go to work..

Someone make an app that allows macrumor forums to be read properly without the need of "mobile" version, make an app for it!

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