To buy or not to buy.....iWork, that is....

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by daturametal, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Nov 2, 2011
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    query this: i really have problems with microsoft/anything on my mac. every powerpoint presentation i have prepared (saving separate versions, pre-cloud) has crashed, usually the day of pressentation and/or during (much better!) ... anyhow, i did away with word, and was just getting ready to purchase keynote to convert some powerpoints from class, and i aaw a link for iwork and what point is it cost advantageous to just to ahead and buy the would be somewhat duplicative (since i have pages), but is it a break even/lose money or 50/50 type of transaction? (please help me and just do the math!!) anyhow, keynote is presently on sale for $19.99, f.y.i., so let me know what you think. this is my first thread, certainly not my first visit and i originally bought my first mac as a counter to re-buying a pc after losing all to the ie virus about 4-5 years ago. it was nasty and quite painful. i am from baltimore, originally, and still hate the indianapolis colts and quite frankly, always will...we just don't forget.....anyhow, i like the forum and learn a lot and that's all folks!!

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    I am a bit....

    confused. If you want to erase all the traces of Microsoft/Office, maybe you will be good served with the full iWork. If only need Keynote to deal with the PowerPoint presentations that you have, buy only Keynote. I personally choose only to buy what I need, unless I can get a BIG (and I mean 35% or something like that) discount in a full-fledged solution, over a specific piece of software for a especific use.

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    The only way to buy iWork is to buy all 3 apps seperately on the App store. Apple did away with boxed versions so there is no way to buy all 3 apps at once. Buying the seperately comes in at exactly the same price as the boxed version used to cost, only now you buy what you need.

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