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Sep 16, 2011
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Have been working on my project studio for a few weeks now and I now need to get a DAW sorted.

I had been using a friends copy of Logic Studio 9 to 'test drive' it and have been quite pleased with it so definately looking to go with Logic. However, seeing as Logic Studio 9 is now a couple of years old, and with rumours of Logic Studio X around the corner, I'm a bit reluctant to buy the current version.

I can get student discount so I can get Logic Studio 9 for £124.80 or Logic Express 9 for £57.60.

What I am wondering, is should I just go for Logic Studio 9 or should I buy Logic Express and use that until Logic X comes out?

If I buy Logic Studio 9, would I be likely to get a good proportion of my £124.80 back if I decided to sell it later on?

My main concern is that obviously, being a student gets me an incredible discount on Logic Studio 9 but if Apple go the way they went with Final Cut Studio, there will be no more student discount on the new version of Logic Studio and version 10 could end up costing more than I can get version 9 for.

What would you guys do?


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Jun 7, 2011
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Good question. If you need it now, buy it now. You can't wait forever. That said, I want a better DAW than garageband too. I'm reluctant to do anything until the Logic upgrade. So basically...nes! Or yo!


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Aug 19, 2004
If I buy Logic Studio 9, would I be likely to get a good proportion of my £124.80 back if I decided to sell it later on?
I'm not sure the education EULA lets you resell the software (otherwise you'd be able to buy it at edu discount and sell it on for a profit, below retail price). If you chose to sell it anyway, I doubt you'd find a buyer at anything other than a bargain basement price, so you'd see most, or all, of that investment disappear.

One thing to consider is that Logic X will ship via the Mac App Store, regardless of what happens to the design of it, so the chances that it will ship with all of the samples and loops that it currently does are almost zero. FCP X and Motion included the option to download the additional content (demo/samples) once installed, and all in, both tools and samples came to 3-4GB (I forget). That still doesn't scratch the amount of data that ships with Logic Pro 9. If you bought now, and then bought Logic X when it's out, you'd still have those loops and VIs that new Logic X users probably won't get, so if you're making electronic music, I'd say buy now. If you're just recording audio, it might be worth waiting.
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