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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by JNB, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Here's my issue. I have weekly engagements that require a lot of time-based scheduling events, similar to the following:

    I receive a calendar item from my team lead, say for the week of May 5th. I need to then create to-do's that remind me to book air travel and agenda minus two weeks, book car, hotel, and shuttle minus one week, and then billings and expenses plus one week. So, in addition to the basic calendar item, I have eight other tasks to plug in based on a plus/minus time relationship to the key event (and yes, they have to be separated. Long story).

    Automator is a non-starter from what I can figure out, and I'm essentially too stupid (or busy) to figure this out in AppleScript, but I'm pretty sure this could be done through it.

    I sync Entourage & iCal, so it doesn't matter which one this is generated in, as the other will populate accordingly, but I could use a bit of advice/assistance. I'd even consider a third-party solution to populate all of this based on a relatively fixed set of rules.


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