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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lavrishevo, Jul 30, 2011.

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    This may be a fluke and it was not intentional but I figure why not explain what happened to me when I ported my number to Verizon then had to return.

    I travel often for work and have experienced terrible AT&T service in some cities I travel to frequently. So long story short, ported my number to Verizon and purchased a 4G LTE phone only to find out 8 days later that the sales rep lied about their service in PR, which is where I live. I immediately ported my number back to AT&T, which kind of sucked as LTE is amazing but now I am back on AT&T with no contract and no fees. Originally, I was going to pay a small ETF but since I came back within the grace period everything was waved and I am eligible for an upgrade.
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    I'm not really sure I understand why this was posted.
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    Basically, port your number to another carrier.

    Then (within the grace period) cancel your service with your new carrier.

    Go back to the old carrier, and they take you back with open arms and waive your ETF fee that you occurred for leaving. And now you're eligible for an upgrade too.

    I think that's what this post means anyway.
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    I'm not really sure I understand why this was posted.

    But back on topic where I wish threads would stay, thanks to the OP for posting this. I'm sure that somebody somewhere out there was lured to a competitor's service by a salesman who is "integrity challenged". It's good to know that you don't have to just sit there and pay your monthly fee until your contract is up. I cringe at the posts from folks who knew right away they had a problem with something and sat on it until past the grace period.
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    Thanks for posting this up. I really wonder if this is how at&t's system is setup or if you just got lucky. Honestly, if a free upgrade was this easy, i would think everyone would be doing it. This coming from someone who just bought his wife a iphone at full price for my wife. Dont freak out, her company picks up data, insurance, a unlimited text so the pricing works out.

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