To ICloud ot NOT to ICloud

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    May 19, 2004
    I guess the answer to the question is yes, sinec I want to keep my Mobile Me address. But I have heard a few rumors (not here!), such as:

    1) Possibility of losing files? Some things (word processing stuff) disapppears off the desktop? I use Japanese Word and Pages.

    Plus I have a question
    2) Whether I need IMatch? I rarely listen on the go. Mostly at home. I have an Ipad connected to a sound system. But I also plan on connecting my old MB Pro to it since the Ipad does not have the ITunes radio function and Ipad apps for it do not have the stations I listen to.

    I guess the worry about Match is if I am on the go and cannot get all my files loaded. But since I listen mainly at home, not a worry?

    So can anyone summarize and pros and cons of the Cloud, caveats?

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    I'm not all that thrilled with iCloud. I switched my online file storage to DropBox and only use iCloud to sync my calendar's between my iMac and iPhone.

    iTunes Match is off for me. I don't listen to music on the go much, except for at the gym. But I just sync my playlists via USB cable to the Mac.
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    I find iCloud useful for synchronizing of Calendar, Adress Book and Notes.

    For filesharing (like Pages en Numbers) you still have to up- and download from iCloud to your iMac. This is more useful if you only use iOS devices.

    I haven't used iTunes match yet.
  4. ugahairydawgs macrumors 68030


    Jun 10, 2010
    I just use Dropbox for files. Docs in the Cloud is a decent idea, but the lack of Mac integration makes it pretty much worthless. Docs in the Cloud is automatic only if you are creating content on iOS devices. Anything done on a Mac requires you to login to the iCloud website and manually upload.

    As of now, unless your main e-mail address is then there is really little reason to use iCloud outside of Find My Device and Photostream (and even that is only mildly useful with no ability to control files individually on the PS).

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