to join together several mp4 clips

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by mauricemaurice, Jan 18, 2010.

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    MPEG Streamclip seems the obvious solution. I wrote to them the following email which is self explanatory:

    Last week end, I made 20-odd video clips with my video camera and transferred them to my Intel Mac (running Tiger 10.4.11)
    The clips are in format MP4. I tried to join them into a single stream with MPEG Streamclip 1.8 by the following manoeuver:

    1. play the first video (in MPEG Streamclip) and c to copy it all
    2. Bring the pointer back to the left end. (Opt <--)
    3. o to navigate to the second clip. Click just left of the pointer.. Press v to paste the first clip at the beginning of the second.
    4. Bring the pointer back to the left end. (Opt <--)
    5. o to navigate to the third clip, etc...

    However, when I played the result, only the first 2 clips and the last clip showed.

    Can you please tell me why all the clips in between were skipped?

    I did not receive any reply. If anyone out there knows how to do it I would appreciate very much a tip.
    (The reason why I prefer not to use iMovie is that there is a loss of quality due to one or more conversions.)
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    Mar 20, 2007

    Your process is good, not sure about good in MPEGStreamClip, but if you try it in Quicktime it should work, though I don't know if it requires QuickTime Pro.

    However, if you wish to try it, do basically the same steps you just said.

    1. Open a clip in QT
    2. Open 2nd clip in a separate QT window.
    3. Use the apple+c to copy the 2nd clip
    4. Go back to the first clip, move the pointer to the end of the clip, then use apple+v to paste in the 2nd clip.
    5. Save as a new clip name.
    6. Edit in part 3 in the same way as above.
    7. Remember to save as you case of mistakes.

    Hope it helps,


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