To Mac Pro or not to Mac Pro

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by galstaph, Feb 19, 2009.

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    I've been looking/hoping/waiting like all of us for the gainestown Mac Pro to come out... theoretically next month or by June or sometime this year. Looking at the aple refurb (canada) store today, there is now a 2.8 octo (base) available, just the model I was originally looking at, for only 2499 canadian. My edu discount is only 2699 so that is a great deal, if I buy it now... But on to my question:

    Is it really going to be worth it to wait for the new one? With the expected price jump (2999 us) are we even sure there will be a meaningful improvement in processing?

    I am an architectural student and use maya, maxwell render and rhino along with the assorted autodesk cad programs for windows. I am realy just wanting to render quicker than my mbp can, and I know the current model can do all I want, it is just so tempting to wait and see if the next revision will provide that next notch of performance.

    Any thoughts on how much faster the gainestown will be in 3d rendering and if I should wait for gainestown or wait and buy the current at whatever discount they get when the new ones come out, or just buy now, and spend the difference on ram and new video card etc.:confused:
    So many options...
    any input is appreciated:)
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    Who am I? Okay.

    So, because of who I am, what's my vote? Okay.

    Glad we cleared that up. :D

    Oh, and, yes, it is very much worth the price increase.
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    I would wait for the next generation to come out without a doubt. I don't think that rumor is true that the price is going to go up, so I think you would be better off waiting and getting a much faster Mac for the same price.
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    i would personally wait. i know it's tough waiting, but the current mac pro is using hardware over 1 year old. you will be glad you waited when you get the new one.

    but if you absolutely have to have it now, then get it now

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