To Pro or not to pro that is the question

Discussion in 'iPad' started by SuperMiguel, Sep 17, 2017.

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    So i currently have a mid 2011 macbook air i5 4gb of ram...had the thing for 5-6 years now and i think is getting to that upgrade time, i have a main desktop that i use for gaming and heavy stuff that one i keep it updated. So the air i use it for very mild programming, mostly editing jaml files and few python, it gets used while having dinner for watching a quick clip/movie, sometimes airplay to tv, email, browsing, very basic but it does get used daily... I was ready to buy a 12" macbook and someone recommended a ipad pro with a keyboard... Can you guys give me some opinions? Ipad vs macbook, also i guess im only looking at the pro because of size, i dont want anything smaller than 10, for me it sounds like a waste to have a 7" device when my phone is almost that size (in my mind)
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    I would go with a MacBook if you are going to type a lot.
    The iPad is a great tablet. Attaching a keyboard to it works for casual typing, but the setup itself is not ideal (top heavy, not as easy to setup vs opening a laptop and ready to go, etc).
    Go with 12" MacBook.
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    I suspect the majority of opinions will be for the iPad, given where you posted it, and that's fine and perfectly natural. I would say that a laptop gives you more, if you're doing work and switching back and forth between a laptop and desktop. The iPad's best features are related to content consumption.

    That's not stay no one uses it for content creation, and you'll get many responses here about folks who gave up laptops for iPads but consider your own use case. Do you use the laptop in your lap, will the tablet work as well in where you use the laptop? Does it have all the apps you need, do you like the iPad's keyboard?
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    Sep 9, 2015
    Definitely a MacBook for your usage. I recently went with a 10.5 iPad Pro and it was between a MacBook and this. I use the iPad Pro for school and I find it far more useful as a multipurpose device but I don't do a lot of typing. Otherwise, it would have been the MacBook.
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    If you are doing any programming, best to stick with a laptop. iPad is ok for writing, but mainly light text editing, not programming
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    Upon further reading of your original post, maybe the 10.5" iPad Pro could work. Is it possible to do your mild programming on your desktop? Also, I'm wondering with the computing power of the iPad Pro models if Apple will enable the growing functionality of iOS on the iPad to include the ability to program software. I think the iPad Pro gives you everything you are looking for outside of programming so maybe that is the better option.
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    It doesn’t need to be a Pro, it could be the regular iPad. Especially since you have a desktop there for other purposes.

    The iPad is as comfortable as a desktop when you use a Bluetooth keyboard but has the added bonus of portability.

    You’d need to research some apps to see if ones exist for your usage case scenario though!
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    Most of the programming ill be doing is just editing text files...
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    ummm let me check the reg ipad

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