To those who frown upon Penryn MBP..

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by xkRoWx, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Oct 15, 2007
    The new Penryn has been shipped, and apparently not everybody is satisfied with what they get. Many people complain about Penryn vs Santa Rosa processor difference, the size of the new multi touchpad, missing freebies and what not.

    Everybody complained about the price, many did not see the justification of paying roughly $350 more than the current SR models. Apple did not decrease any of the prices despite the fact that they skimped out on a lot of freebies, such as the DVI cable and remote. For some reason, everybody seem to forget that Apple have decided to go "Green", and by producing more remotes (hence more plastic) than they need to give out is definitely contradicting. Plus, (almost) every other product before the Penryn release included the remote. iPod universal dock, iMacs, Mac Minis, Apple TV, MacBook /Pro and the list goes on and on. I happen to have 3 remotes myself (from 2 docks and MBP) and I find it very redundant to have 3 remotes that works the same (they can be programmed/paired, so 1 was already more than enough). For those who just started or switch over, the remote doesn't make much difference, since many people who goes for the Pro line usually neglects the remote due to its intended use (media editing) and for those who needs one, $20 isn't so bad compared to its original release price.

    From what I've heard, the new Penryn processor has a "crippled" cache, and essentially works at the same speed as Santa Rosa models. But I guess most people have also forgotten the 512mb VRAM and smaller CPU (hence less heat and more battery life).

    Don't forget the multi touchpad, I don't see why people expected a bigger touchpad. Just because MBA was installed with a bigger touchpad, people starts to expect the same hardware on every other releases after the MBA. That's just silly, sure they've set a precedence for MBA, but precedence doesn't have to be followed.

    Penryn is still very nice, compared to mine at least (I would totally pay $350 just for the multi touchpad or VRAM alone, unless it can be modded into my MBP for a lower price).

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    Feb 5, 2008
    Well several points Id like to make not for the argument but just to point out. These so called freebies arent exactly free, they were included in the price of previous generation mbps, meaning we paid for them when we bought the computer. Now the prices for the updated version remained the same and yet we have to pay $20 for the remote ... That said, I really could care less about paying $20 extra dollars, but it does look like such a cheap cost cutting trick. I also understand that frequent loyal Apple customers probably have several of those things laying around already, perhaps Apple shouldnt have been so liberal as to market it as a "freebie" in the first place... Finally all this means nothing, since dollar is dropping in value with a staggering pace so $20 shouldnt even justify me rambling on about the damn remote for so long :D

    As for the new touchpad, Im sure they didnt give it the AIR one simply because it would require an outside case redesign, even something simple as cutting out more space for to fit it in, would automatically increase costs. Im 85% positive that when they will redesign the whole case, a bigger touchpad will be in place. It actually does look more aesthetically pleasing for an eye, so when they do redesign the case, I dont see why they wouldnt want to go for a la Air touchpad.

    Lastly, more vram means more heat not less Id think.

    Personally I ordered 15" MBP 2.5 GHZ with 200GB 7200RPM HD and 4GB of RAM (ordered Crucial from newegg). Cant wait for this baby to get here so I can finally migrate to OSx :D

    P.S. I also bought the damn remote :)
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    Santa Rosa isn't a processor. There's no 'vs' argument there.

    I'm guessing you mean Penryn vs Merom.

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