Toast 12 - Bluray Burning issues/FYI

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by treehorn, Nov 25, 2014.

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    EDIT: Turns out the problem is that the installation of 12 zapped the HD plugin that I had purchased for 11 (and completely forgot I had done so...since it wasn't showing up on the "what I've purchased" page at Roxio and none of the customer support people were corruption my erroneous assumption). So if you plan on upgrading to 12 from another version and want to burn better back up the plug in installer first..

    Well this was an unpleasant surprise. I've been using Toast for over a decade (at least since version 5). I've purchased upgrades for 6 versions since then. It's my go-to recommendation for burning DVDs and Blurays as it just makes things easier.

    I upgraded to version 12 last week, figuring it would take care of some stability issues (burning slows down to a crawl lately if I don't have Toast as the forefront window/application). And it did.

    But it also took away a valuable feature...or rather made what should be a standard feature (the burning of a this case a Bluray) into a premium feature.

    Since the Pro version is a bloated monstrosity full of 'pro' features that are better served by using actual pro software and all I want to do is burn DVDs and Blurays, I got the standard (which was still a hefty $60 to upgrade from 11). Only to find out that unless one buys a $10 plug in or pays $40 for the pro version, one can not burn a bluray - a feature that has been in the standard version for years.

    And a feature that was not made clear would be missing unless one waded through the site and found just the right link to compare just the right set of features. Or talked to a customer service person via chat (the warning one gets trying to burn a Bluray makes it sound like the plug in they want you to buy is for creating HD content on a DVD or authoring a Bluray, not simply burning a pre-authored disc).

    So returned it. Deleted the program from my system. And will use the perfectly useful older version until it is completely unusable (or discs are no longer an option).

    Just thought I'd give some warning (and vent a little :) to those thinking of upgrading or purchasing what used to be a perfect piece of useful software.
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    Yep - so did I, installed but not tested
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    Dec 1, 2012
    Seems to have fixed problems with burning Data Blu-ray

    12.0 would crash when burning multi-disk data sets without file spanning
    12.0.1 fixed this
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    Does anyone know any alternative to their software? I searched a bit for dvd/bluray utilities without success.

    My main features would be data disc burning, and disc spanning. Being able to author dvd/bluray would be a nice bonus.
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    For authoring Adobe Encore is the best around IMO. Toast gives issues playing back on high end blu-ray players (mostly Pioneer). Encore works perfect.

    Toast is probably still the best bet for data disks. Apple never truly adopted blu-ray so there is a lack of options.

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