Toast 9 - How to Burn DVDs?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by vja4Him, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. vja4Him macrumors member


    Mar 13, 2010
    Does anyone use Toast 9 for saving files to DVDs? I just purchased a LaCie d2 DVD/RW Drive, and need some help ...

    Several years back I tried burning DVDs using the internal DVD drive on my iBook, and what happened is that everytime I burned files to the DVDs, I couldn't go back and add more files. So I was only able to save files one time, then the DVD was no longer usable for burning files.

    I know there is a setting that will allow you to continue saving a few files at a time. How exactly do I do that?

    Would that be the Write Session mode?

    I have the LaCie DVD drive connected to my iBook G4, running OS X 10.4.11.
  2. John Doe 57 macrumors 65816

    John Doe 57

    Jan 26, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    Because you were using DVD-R instead of DVD-RW. R = Writable and RW = Rewritable. Purchase some DVD-RWs and you'll be able to erase and reuse the DVDs.

    More Information:
  3. JNickyJJ macrumors member

    Mar 26, 2010
    you need rewriteable dvds to be able to burn to them again [​IMG] they are more expensive though
  4. vja4Him thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 13, 2010
    I remember when I used my (now ancient) SCSI LaCie CD burner, I was able to use CDR (not CDRW), and I could save files to the CD, then come back and save more files another day, and so on ...

    I figured out how to save files like that without mounting additional images each time I saved.

    I can't believe that my new LaCie DVD burner is not able to do what the older models could do ....
  5. vja4Him thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 13, 2010
    So, are you saying that my new Philips Double Layer DVD+R disks can only be burned one time, and that's it! So even if you only burn 5MB of files, you cannot burn any more files on that disk?

    My older LaCie SCSI CD burner was able to burn to CDs as many times as I wanted, without having to erase any files at all. I could add files many times, and only mount one disk image too!

    There must be a way to do this with my DVD+R disks ....
  6. RedRaven571 macrumors 65816


    Mar 13, 2009
    I think you have to deselect a box that 'closes' the DVD/CD, preventing additional files from being written to it.
  7. Darth.Titan macrumors 68030


    Oct 31, 2007
    Austin, TX
    The others here are misunderstanding your question.

    What you are talking about is multi-session writing. However it is only supported on CDs, not DVDs. It is the nature of the DVD spec.

    From what I can find, there are programs that "kind of" support multi-session DVD writing, but it's a bad idea because Finder cannot mount multi-session DVDs reliably.
  8. Salmar macrumors regular

    Sep 16, 2007
    Darth.Titan, I understood the question like you did. I didn't know you can only do multi session only on C/D's either. Thanks for that information too.
  9. vja4Him thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 13, 2010
    Thanks! I'll look for that feature ...
  10. vja4Him thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 13, 2010
    Thanks! So, I it looks like I will need to invest in some CDs. Do you know if my LaCie burner will do what I want to with both CDR and CDRW?

    My old SCSI LaCie burner did exactly what I want with both CDR and CDRW. I had very few problems. I found out that when I burned at 1x or 2x, I rarely ever had issues.
  11. vja4Him thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 13, 2010
    I read through the manual and my DVD burner can burn multiple sessions.

    I took one of my old CD (brand new) and burned two sessions, but now I have two icons for that CD. And I'm assuming that each time I burn files, there will be added another icon.

    How can I avoid having more than one icon? Is that what ISO does?

    I tried chosing ISO, but it doesn't seem to be available. The manual says that I can use ISO. I believe that ISO is the only way to have multiple sessions appear as one disk. But how do I do that?

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