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    May 8, 2004
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    Ok so i'm trying to burn this 1 hour project that i made using FCP. Export it as a "Quicktime Movie". (ie: No quicktime conversion) So it shows up in the finder as 11 Gigs. Little big.

    So it drag it into Toast and it shows that it only takes up 3/4 the DVD-R.

    I hit Burn and it begins encoding. Now this step takes about 45~60 minutes so i left it running and i went swimming :)

    When i came back i knew something was wrong. The fans were blowing like crazy. (Sounded like a desktop fan) When i turned my screen on toast was just sitting there as if i had just opened it. I checked the Disc and it was blank.

    I assumed that it unexpectaly quit so i just quit the app and when to restart.

    Although while i was restarting my PM encountered a Kernal attack. (My second on this machine)

    This isn't the only time Toast has failed to encode. What would be the reason for Toast to just quit while encoding? Is it just the size of the file?

    I am running the newest version (6.1) and on Tiger.

    Any suggestions would be apreciated


    Also, check out this little message that popped up after my Kernal attack.

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    Jul 4, 2004
    There have been reported probs with Toast and Tiger.
    Check Roxio's website for updaters -- needs registration, though.

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