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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today shared a new "Today at Apple" session on YouTube, exploring how to shoot expressive pet portrait photos, with the help of photographer Sophie Gamand and Jahmyra from Today at Apple.

The playful session encourages participants to use their iPhone at the correct height, tune into the pet's personality, and take a look at showcase pet portraits for inspiration and top takeaways.

Apple says its free Today at Apple sessions are meant to inspire hands-on creativity in photography, art, design, video, coding, music, and more using Apple products and accessories like the ‌iPhone‌, iPad, Mac, and Apple Pencil. Initially hosted exclusively at Apple Stores, the sessions started to be offered online during the global health crisis, and Apple also started uploading sessions to YouTube last month.

This is the fifth Today at Apple session uploaded to YouTube, with previous sessions looking at drawing yourself as a "Peanuts" character in the Pages app using an ‌iPad‌ and ‌Apple Pencil‌, shooting and editing "otherworldly" photos with Night Mode, creating looped videos in the Clips app, and shooting portrait photos.

Article Link: 'Today at Apple' Session Explores Taking Expressive Pet Portraits


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Mar 7, 2007
Midwest America.
All my pets have been expressive. One took to putting his paw in my face when I tried to blow in his face. One dog loved it, him, not at all so much. I also have a picture of him coming in, while I was 'working out' (watching the news). He walked in, stepped onto my belly, curled up, and fell straight asleep. I was surprised, and somewhat honored. He was pissed when I moved, which made it awkward. I got the 'stink eye', as he opened one eye, stared at me, and closed it.

LOVE MY DOGS!!! Everyone has been different, and everyone has been a joy/terror...
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