Tom's hardware hopes for better Zune

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Lord Blackadder, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Despite their perennial anti-Apple stance, Tom's Hardware is forced to admit that the Zune is underwhelming...And they spelled iPod incorrectly, although I'm inclined to believe that such an obvious gaffe must be intentional. Sour grapes. :rolleyes:

    It's also interesting IMO to note that the original iPod pictured in the article (which they mention to show how underwhelming the original iPod was) actually looks better than the Zune. Apple industrial design on 2001 was so good that MS and others are still playing catch up. Slap a color screen and a bigger HD in that original iPod and you'd have a better Zune.
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    The iPod has a hugely popular market image, its going to take a lot of smart marketing, and great content if M$ wants to take the iPod on. On the plus side this is good for us, i still think that the movies were added to the iTunes store because apple was a little threatened by M$'s impending competition.
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    The other thing the iPod had was the iMac factor. The Bondi blue iMac was still fresh in people's minds - it was hailed as a design classic. Microsoft's Zune has no such links to the past; as a designer brand it's history is negligible.
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    so... many... typos... argh!

    i could barely read that. i don't understand their dislike for the iPod, but to each their own. at least they are willing to admit that Zune isn't perfect either.

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