TOMTOM Car Kit and iPad.

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by daniel335e, Jun 20, 2010.

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    After searching several sites and wanting many YouTube videos, I have still not been able to get a definitive answer to weather the iPad (wifi) will work whit the tomtom car kit external gps. Since I could not find out the answer I have decided to test it for myself. I already have a tomtom iPhone car kit and I went out and purchased an iPad with wifi.

    The first test involved plugging in an iPhone dock extender cable in from the tomtom car kit to the iPad. This test was unsuccessful, whilst the iPad did recieve power from the tomtom car kit, no data was transferring from the cable. After plugging in my iPhone this way, I was able to confirm that the cable was to blame and I still had hope that the tomtom car kit would be compatible with ipad providing it was directly attached.

    In my next test I completely disassembled the iPhone tom-tom car kit, as the ipad does not fit onto it normally. After disassembling it I was able to remote the dock connector from the housing and plug the ipad into it. Shortly after my iPad displayed a message stating that "this accessory is not compatible with ipad".

    After doing these two tests I have concluded that the iPhone tomtom car kit is not compatible with the apple iPad (wifi). Whilst this is disappointing, there is not a lot I can do.

    I hope this can answer anyones question to weather the tom-tom car kit is compatible with the ipad and sadly the answer is NO.

    If anybody knows of an external gps receiver that is compatible with the iPad and tomtom navigation application then please let me know.
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    After fiddling around with the tomtom car kit and the iPad I have managed to solve my problem of the iPad not recognizing the tomtom car kit.

    After my failure to get the tomtom car kit working with the iPad, I considered other options, such as using jailbreak bluetooth gps solutions, however I found that these may still not work with the tomtom app, and from my experience I have found navigon to be ****. So I decided that there must be a way of getting the tomtom car kit to work, so I proceeded to disasemble the car kit again and try again.

    In my second attempt I was quite pleased with the results, the ipad recognized the tomtom car kit and was able to receive gps coordinates and even transmit audio through the car kits speaker. However the iPad failed to connect to the tomtom car kit's Bluetooth.

    When I used to use iPhone with the tomtom car kit, The iPhone would be docked, then it would connect to the Bluetooth on the car kit. However I found the iPad would not connect to the Bluetooth. At the time I believed the dock connector send gps data and charged the ios device and the bluetooth dealt with all audio input and output, however not long after I found this not to be the case.

    After further experimentation I found that the sole purpose of the Bluetooth was for phone calls on the iPhone as the dock connector does not support sending calls to external speakers. I also found that the built in microphone in the car kit also operated via Bluetooth. After finding I can stillq send audio through the dock connector, I realized there was no need for the Bluetooth to be connected to the iPad, as it is not a phone (I wish it was!).

    In conclusion I have successfully achieved my goal, and as a bonus surprise at the end, I found that when my iPad is connected to the tomtom car kit, my iPhone can connect via bluetooth to play any audio and make phone calls without actually being docked, and still make use of the hands free on the car kit.

    I hope to post a video/images of the prototype unit soon.
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    Nice findings. I am mostly interested in your disassembly pictures of the car kit as I want to modify it to deal with my iPhone 4. I know there's a quick&dirty fix for it with velcro tape but I think there should be a way to fix it "from the inside".

    Many thanks and congrats on your new iPad+GPS
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