Too many bloom effects?


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Dec 7, 2002
New Zealand
I've just been listening to a friend rant about the overuse of "bloom" effects in modern games, where they add ridiculous amounts of lighting at the expense of the framerate. I just thought you might like his conclusion:

Decroux said:
But basically, the next game is going to require a 10 GHz dual core processor, 5 gigs of RAM, 1 gig vid mem, and it will be called BLOOM. The entire game will be made of so many layers of bloom that it will literally burn through your computer screen, and the storyline will be that the whole world is BLOOMed. It's an FPS.
Personally, I agree that bloom is getting overused a bit too much these days, but what do you guys think? I also agree that game storylines are generally pretty weak :p


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Mar 17, 2004
Grr, as soon as I saw the title I ran off to VGCats to find that comic, and found it, and copied the URL, and came back and opened the thread to post it wittily and you beat me to it! BAH!
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