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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Chuchichan, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Please help me...I need a new set of headphones. I used to use earbuds, but it seems that every time I purchase a new pair they break. I've owned Sennheiser and Denon. When I say break I mean that after a few months to a year it seems that the cable starts to wear down and I have to bend it to produce full sound.

    Am I treating my earbuds incorrectly? I wind them up each time around my ipod but other than that I don't think I've abused them in any way.

    So, I'm in the market for new headphones, but I'm afraid to shell out over $30 for a pair because I think the same thing will happen.

    So, I'm thinking of getting an "over-the-head" pair, or just something different? Is it worth spending over $50 for a pair?
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    check out Meelec:

    My wife and I both use M6P (P is for phone) but the M9's are also good. The M6's are over the ear kind and dont move at all when walking, running or whatever you'll be doing.
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    You should check Head-Fi mega review of earphones. The ratings include build quality:

    I recentlyposted a thread about it:

    I too highly recomend the Meelectronics. I have a set of M9 that sound great. And the cable is wire wrapped which adds durability. They are under $30.

    To carry your earphones you should not wrap them tightly as this can break them. Try using a pouch instead of wrapping them around your ipod.


    About spending more than $50. I don't think it is necessary unless you are an audiophile or are unhappy with the sound quality of your current phones. More expensive earphones do not mean greater durability.
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    I use the v-jays over the ear; a very liteweight but powerful over the ear headphone.Google them and watch the youtube reviews and make an informed decision.They are my fav headphones to date.

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