Too Much Time


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Apr 13, 2006
Since becoming a Mac convert a year ago, I find I have too much time on my hands...gone are the days I spent repairing my windows machine so I thought I'd poke some fun at the situation :D

It's the little things, that make you scream
When you try to manage, that windows machine
Why can't it be easy, it should just work
I don't have time, for another Microsoft quirk

Install this it says, you'll be good to go
Rebooted, will it work, oh hell no
Uninstall it, and start all over again
Pull out some hair, have another sip of gin

Second time around, better say a little prayer
If it works this time, will surely be rare
Oh no I jinxed it, why did it stall
Tears are flowing, I begin to bawl

Try to stay calm, try to relax
It just requires some TLC, I should get my axe
My temperature is rising, I'm beginning to see red
This is suppose to be easy, that's what they said

Third time now, lets hope I get lucky
Nothing can be, this horribly sucky
Reinstall the drivers, clean the registry out
The computer shuts down, I begin to shout

Now what the hell, what on earth could be wrong
I only wanted to listen, to a couple of songs
Do I need a degree, maybe I should take a class
Why even bother, I probably wouldn't pass

Restart the computer, taps my foot and waits
Hears that evil laugh, that has to be Gates
A bell goes off, I know what to do
Drags it to the back door, gives it a kick with my shoe

No more windows for me, I can finally see the light
No more screaming and crying, staying up all night
I'll give Apple a call, have myself a little fun
They can sell me a good computer, one that just runs