Took back the slim combo keyboard


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Jun 20, 2010
Really didn't like the slim combo in the end. It didn't always seem to connect and it also is so bulky. Not sure how they could use the word slim in the name. I bought the apple Smart Keyboard but I don't like using it on my lap as much. Now I'm missing the palm rest on the other one. It is beautifully slim though! Very apple form factor at least. Lol. Guess I'm picky? Seems there are no great options for keyboard on the 10.5 yet.


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Oct 25, 2008
something is wrong when the "slim" keyboard is thicker and heavier than the ipad itself
Yeah I don't get how they managed to go from the Type+ into that. The Create is also unnecessarily bulky.


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Nov 12, 2015
Los Angeles, California
i have the create and now the slim and the slim is much thinner than the create. more functionality too as many times with the create i wanted to detach the keyboard to use the ipad with my musical gear but had to make a stand for the keyboard part of the create... with the slim this issue is avoided now.

of course its not for everyone and i expect most cats on this forum will not like these case (similar disapproval when the create came out for the original ipad pro back in the day) but for me it fits my lifestyle and it finally addresses concerns I had with the create!
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