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Discussion in 'iMac' started by lozanoj83, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. lozanoj83 macrumors 6502a


    Mar 5, 2006
    Southern California
    Well... after my old PowerMac G4 533MHz kicked the bucket... I went out and bought a Mac Mini 1.66 GHz Core Duo.
    One quick question i have is this,
    I want to upgrade my RAM... it has the factory 512MB, and its killing it, its fast compared to my dead PM, but compared to my cousins iMac, its still trailing it even tough hers is a iMac Core Duo as well.

    Do you guys recommend me buying the RAM from crucial or newegg, opening up the case myself, and installing it, or going to the Apple Store and making them put it in there.

  2. negatv1 macrumors 6502

    Aug 12, 2005
    If you have more dexterity than a monkey, do it yourself and save some money. :) Google will lead you to all the guides you need to open and disassemble your mini. It's easy.

    I'd recommend ordering 2gb from newegg (Patriot brand has served me well in many Macs). For the price/performance it's the way to go.
  3. MikeTheC Guest


    Apr 26, 2004
    Gallifrey -- Capitol City, Prydonian Sector
    I'd agree with negatv1: as long as you're comfortable with doing it and read up on the take-apart instructions, you should be fine. Make sure you're wearing an anti-static device, take reasonable precautions with the Mac, etc.

    The biggest thing in dealing with RAM for any computer is buying good grade RAM. Usually I prefer Crucial or Kingston RAM products, but they're not the only ones who make good stuff, so if you're comfortable with the recommendations of others, then do what you feel is right.

    And yes, jumping the wall from 512MB to anything higher (let alone 1 or 2GB) will make an enormous difference. It did with both my G4 iMac and my G4 PowerBook, so I see no reason you won't notice a huge benefit.

    Good luck!

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