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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by dantastic, Jul 2, 2013.

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    I've been looking for this for a while and I have asked before but I figures it was time again to see if any help is available.

    One really super powerful tool in animation is UIBezierPaths the only problem with them is that I don't know how to create one graphically and then transfer it to code. At the moment I have to create the path in code, run a test app to see the path and then change some value in the code, run the test app again. Rinse and repeat. Time consuming and I mostly don't end up 100% happy with the result.

    I would like to be able to manipulate the path in some drawing program and then be able to export the values that are needed to create the path.

    I have been looking as late as yesterday at Adobe Illustrator and trying to export in various different formats but nothing :(
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    Bleh I'm not a programmer, but wouldn't it just go by vertex order and point position? Any program with both beziers and a basic built in IDE should be able to do that easily. I'm assuming these are just supposed to be 2D curves or have a constant 0 for z depth. I know you could output point positions as float values in maya, and it has beziers. That would be a bit excessive though for what you are doing. I mention it because you can print values through the script editor, then just plug those in elsewhere in your code. The thing with illustrator is I have no idea how you would obtain numeric point position values. It shouldn't require more than that as things like positional vs tangential continuity and weighting are only a real factor when editing. The spans are still just drawn by 4 points according to vertex order.
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    On rereading I decided you knew what I wrote and felt a bit stupid for writing it.
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    That's even better than I was hoping for, it generates obj c code for you even!

    I'm about to hand over a sizable chunk of money to the author of that app so he doesn't get one but you good Sir, I owe a pint!
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    I second PaintCode. It is a great app, easy to use, and I find that using code to draw all my icons/images is easier than dealing with all the different graphic files. I only have to update my code in one place and everything is good to go.

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