"top" command - how do I see more?


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Jan 21, 2002
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This is probably an incredibly dumb question for most of you, but...

When I use "top" I can only see the first page of output. I'm trying to find the pid of a process that's not on that first page; how do I move down the list? :confused:


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You can also order how the data is output by typing

top -o <key> where "<key>" can be:
command - Command name.

cpu - CPU usage.

pid - Process ID (default).

prt - Number of Mach ports.

reg - Number of memory regions.

rprvt - Resident private address space size.

rshrd - Resident shared address space size.

rsize - Resident memory size.

th - Number of threads.

time - Execution time.

uid - User ID.

username - Username.

vprvt - Private address space size.

vsize - Total memory size.​

By default, top uses the pid to sort.