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    Just check it cascadia interactive has updated all games for free downloads,cascadiainteractive is known for its best games...

    Dude Jump Game

    Destroy the mortal enemies or try to survive the wrath of the alien blocks as long as possible until you reach your lady love.
    Master the blocks and reach the heights to win her heart. There are deadly challenges from the sky as well as from the ground below your feet. Overcome both and we will make sure you will reach your lady luck.

    The blocks try to fall on you and crush your life out, avoid getting hit and climb over them to gain height. If you stay where you are for a long while, you would be submerged under water and killed.

    App Download Link for iPhone
    App Store - Dude Jump
    App Download Link for iPhone
    Dude Jump for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Taxi Race Game

    Taxi is no more a Taxi in this race…! It is born wild and ready to roar at the rear.Do you have the reflex to put your ride on the line? In Taxi Race "it doesn’t matter if you triumph by an inch or a mile," but it’s all about how you maneuver him on the desert highway. Pump up your adrenaline and get ready to burn the wheels, feel the rush.
    Test your street racing talents, if you beat them you take your Taxi, and if you lose take a bus back home. This is the best opportunity to take advantage of your accelerometer on your iDevice, to race your Taxi and to push the limits.

    App Download link For iPhone
    App Store - Taxi Race
    App Download link For iPad
    Taxi Race for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Exploder Game

    Exploder is the great app to challenge your skills in bringing down entire structure. It’s not only about detonating structures but completely destroying it and still save your limited supply of dynamite to make it big. Show the World the positive side of an explosion with Exploder App in your hands!

    • Plant dynamite and tap the detonator
    • Rock the structure and bring it to Rubbles
    • Roll the leftover rubbles into place using the accelerometer
    • Advanced physics
    • Global Scoring

    App Download Link For iPhone
    App Store - Exploder
    App Download Link for iPad
    Exploder for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Mosaic Mania Game


    Mosaic Mania there will be no further need for puzzle books or Internet connections to play online puzzles. Initially there will be smaller grid and as the complexity increases the grid size increases. You can stock up to 4 hints on any puzzle and use them whenever you get stuck. It is easiest to start with the largest number. Crossed out numbers show us the parts of the puzzle you solved.

    • It is a strategic puzzle game
    • Initially smaller grid and advance level will have larger grid
    • Enjoyable background music and sound effects
    • 14 challenging and exciting levels
    • Uses OpenFeint for online leader boards and achievements

    App Download Link for iphone
    App Store - Mosaic Mania
    App Download Link for iPad
    Mosaic Mania for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store
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