Torn between a desicion.


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Jun 24, 2013
So, the new Pebble way surpassed its goal on kickstarter today, and my birthday is coming up very soon, and no better to ask for a Pebble Smartwatch, right?!
Upon further investigation, I found some things that set the Steel out from the Time
  • The Pebble Time will be coming out in May, and has a color display, and voice commands/actions
  • The Pebble Steel will come with the new user interface, but uses a black and white display and has no voice commands
In case you were wondering, I can not get the Steel and then get the time.

I really need a smartwatch ASAP for my iPhone, and I don't know if I should get the Steel or Time.

*This would be my first SmartWatch ever.
Pebble Time since it has better tech, color display, and voice commands. There isn't a need to get a smartwatch asap as much as you think since they're relatively novelty items, but I don't know your circumstances as well, so I say that as a general principle from experience with the Moto 360 and Galaxy Gear Gen 1.


Aug 23, 2005
Torn between a desicion.

Newbie poster with an opening post that sounds like a promo ....

Quell Surprise! So it's not just Samsung ;)