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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bushman1, Nov 15, 2008.

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    I have around $3000 to spend on a new setup and I can't decide if I should get a base mba with an imac or a tricked out 15" mbp. I want to be mobile but I also need power the mbp is so heavy is you have to cary it around for a whole day. I rely want to wait to Mac World 09 but my 02 powerbook is a piece of ****. I posted this in the mba section and only got answers saying get an air(of course who else would go there), so I wanted to get an opposing view point.
    A lot of people wanted to know what I did... I do a lot of media and internet, also some photoshop. My biggest concerns are if the mba has enough battery to last a day, how long do other people get on their batteries. My second concern is if the iMac will have enough processing power to power my multi-touch table(to be in about 3 weeks, i will post picks.), currently I run it off my PS3 in linux. It has to run video processing at 60fps and drive a projector and other various hardware components. My third thought is to want until macworld because if by the off chance apple make a tablet it would take that 10x over a mba. The mbp is a great computer however it is very heavy and large but gets the power. The macbook is fine but I rely can't use it for any of my tasks. The biggest concern about the air I have is if i will ever move it off my desk, I might take it to school a few times but I don't know if I rely will take it.

    Any input is great>
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    You seem to be all over the place in what you want. I was kind of with you until you said you didn't know if you'd ever take the MBA out with you??? I have a PowerMac Dual G5 that I use for just about everything and a work supplied Lenovo laptop, as well as another XP custom machine that I've migrated most things off of. I'm just about to buy a MBP to replace everything. To me, the simplicity of a single machine is where its at. I run off a 30" LCD in the office, so that would rule out an iMac for me. I guess you are going to get a bunch of replies here that you should get a MBP... and in the MBA forum they will tell you to get a MBA. :)
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    Not to be rude, but your post seems almost like a joke.

    If you don't plan on bringing your laptop with you very often at all (once in awhile to school), then why even get a laptop, let alone a macbook air? And if a macbook air can do what you want, why can't a macbook handle it? I would say go for the macbook pro anyhow, because it is the best fusion of power and portability, but be realistic with yourself: don't buy a laptop if you don't need a laptop. And especially, don't buy a MBA if you rarely plan to bring it out with you.

    I owned a MBA for a week. I found it to be underpowered in a lot of tasks that my MBP could handle without problems.
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    Since you're thinking laptop and possibly iMac, how about MB (for reasons others have mentioned) and an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. Seems within your budget. Whatever you decide, enjoy!

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