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    Sep 11, 2012
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    Hi guys,

    First post here, been looking for a while. I have a situation and I am in need of some advice. I am about to finally dive in the Mac world:cool: and trying to decide which one would suit my needs the best. I will be photo editing with Aperture first and then maybe dive into Photoshop a little later. I also make videos and will be buying either final cut pro or Premiere, my videos will not be too long maybe 6-7 minutes at the max. I will also use handbrake to rip my DVD collection and the normal things such as web browsing and netflix and word processing.

    I am leaning towards the 2.9 Ghz 13" i7 Macbook Pro with 8gb of and 750 gb Hdd and then upgrade to SSD next year sometime.

    Do you guys think that is overkill or will a Macbook Air suffice for my needs? Also want this machine to last as long as possible (5-6 years)
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    If you plan on keeping the machine for 5-6 years than I highly recommend the MBP over the Air for a few reasons:

    CPU Power

    The MBP can be upgraded to a fast SATA III SSD like a Samsung 830 and 16GB 1600MHz ram. This will give you more use and speed over the Air.

    I also don't recommend getting a bigger HDD or more Ram from Apple, it's way overpriced. Do those upgrades yourself for a fraction of the cost.
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