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    Jun 12, 2012
    I really am torn between the new iMacs. I was considering the 21.5" iMacs once they were refreshed, but I'm seriously underwhelmed by the mediocre GPUs options (lower 21.5" GT 640M and higher 21.5" GT 650M with 512MB VRAM WTF is that!!!). I was hoping for at least a BTO GTX 660M in the high-end 21.5". I know the 27" has better GPU configurations, but I seriously don't need all that screen real estate, and it is simply too big for my workstation. But then again, I'm no avid gamer and I think a fully specced high-end 21.5" would certainly suit my needs. It just pisses me off that the 15" rMBPs have a better GPU option (GT 650M with 1GB VRAM and their OCed too!) than the new iMacs :mad: What do you guys think?
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    Given that the 21.5" iMac only has a 1920x1080 display as opposed to the 2880x1800 display on the rMBP, I'm not surprised that they gave the rMBP a better GPU.


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