Torrenting through iCloud Drive

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    Right now there's no good solution for downloading/uploading torrents in iOS. I'm thinking with iCloud Drive, would it be possible to save the file you're downloading straight into the Drive and then open it from one of the folders (videos, docs etc)?

    Alternatively, could I set a torrent to download on my MacBook right into the Drive folder and then access it from an iOS device?

    How does data usage work with the Drive, do I use data to download the file to the Drive, then more data to open it in the iOS device (for example, if it's a video, would it stream to the device and consume the same data again)?

    Hoping someone with iOS8/Yosemite here might've tried this.
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    iCloud Drive behaves no different than Dropbox in this regard. So yes, you would "use data" whenever you up- or download something.

    It is not possible to implement a proper bittorrent client for iOS since long-running downloads in the background are not permitted. It might be possible for jailbroken devices, but I wouldn't go there for security reasons.

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