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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by JohnnyBilly, Nov 23, 2014.

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    Hi All.

    I have just bought a 1TB Canvio Stor.e to back up all of my data using the Time Machine. At £50 with a 3 year warranty, it makes sense to me.

    I have reformatted the drive and have backed up for the first time. However the issue is that every time the iMac goes to sleep, it freezes and won't reopen without a forced reboot using the button at the rear. the screen shows up a dark grey and won't budge.

    I have tried ejecting the drive in Finder after use, but that defeats the object and the iMac only finds it again after a small amount if activity to start the issue all over again.

    It is connected to one of the USB ports at the rear.

    I appreciate that my best option would be the wireless Time Capsule, however at 5 times the price, it seems an expensive and costly way of solving this little niggle.

    Thanks, John.
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    The problem here is with the drive's firmware not listening to the options you set on your Mac. I did manage to find a partial solution here, but it requires the Terminal to work. Look at the final post in that thread.

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