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Jan 29, 2010
I think everything will work but the DVI.

The Display Link DL-3XXX are currently not supported by OS X.


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Sep 23, 2015
FYI I'm using one of these at my office with a 2015 MBP and yosemite. I use it as a USB hub and to connect to the wired network. No problems with that, and I didn't need any drivers. I connect my two external monitors directly to the HDMI and minidisplay ports on the MBP.

I thought I'd test out the speed when connecting the two monitors through the Dynadock. It works, but... not so great. I installed the DisplayLink driver, and noticed a definite speed difference going through the Dynadock and USB 3.0. Moving the mouse around I could see the cursor skipping around, while doing the same on the direct connection showed smooth cursor movement.

So it works, but I'd only recommend it for your monitor connections as a last resort.
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