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    I would like to back up my iPad to my local computer ONLY. Not the cloud, not iTunes. Not using Apple software. Just a complete and total backup ( and the ability to restore ) that is stored on my local Mac ( or PC ). I would like this so I can confidently upgrade the iOS, and if I dont like it, revert back to ANY previous restore. Because Apple ( and Microsoft and Google and everyone else ) thinks they know what GUI is best for me, I want the option. The TOTAL option.

    It would be nice if this tool works on all iPad / iPhone models, but if not, please note which models it does work on - that will be the one I buy next.

    If you know of a tool or process that works, please email me.
    (If not, please don't reply, no point in clogging the system with garbage, right?)

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    Not sure if that's possible or not. That would require straight access to the file system on the iPad which cannot be done without jail breaking the device. You won't find an app to do it since Apple would never allow such an app to exist on their App Store.

    What's wrong with using a PC or Mac with iTunes for a backup option? Just curious?
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    He wants to be able to revert back after an IOS update. Can't blame him.
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    things to know about iTunes backups
    by rigor,

    anything synced from iTunes to your device is NOT in included in the backup. in order for it to be considered backed up , it must reside in your Library

    apps are not backed up either to iTunes, unless you tell it to.

    sycning is a one way street, it goes from iTunes to the device and not backwards. so if you buy anything on the iPhone or run any software updates, not only must you do a backup but you also must click on "transfer purchases"

    backups only contain some stuff, like pictures if you tell it to copy those. settings, text messages, stuff like that. when you restore the backup it first restores your iPhone's settings, but it also takes whatever you sync'ed from the library and places it back.

    if you sync videos and tv shows from iTunes on one device, and back it up to the other device, and then restore the it from the other computer, you do not get your videos back, because they were synced from the original computer, whew!

    always click on "encrypt backup" an encrypted backup will allow you to restore the iPhone's secure keychain (web passwords wifi passwords app passwords) to a new iPhone. if you do not encrypt , then that keychain can only be restored to the original iPhone

    do not lose your back up password or you are screwed

    make sure to copy all your pictures and videos - that you recorded yourself. onto a computer. never delete these pictures from the iPhone . photo stream only keeps 1000 pictures. and in order to place every single picture in the new iPhoto cloud deal you have to pay of the disk space.

    anything purchased. apps, music, tv shows, videos.. anything you bought from apple technically does not need to be backed up at all. if you do not backup a banned app like "flappy birds" or "ultimate warrior sound board" and erase that app. you can still redownload it from apple at no charge. even a removed app like that flashlight that apple removed from the app store because it had tethering is still in your iCloud account kept safe. meanwhile nobody else can get it, because the app was removed from the store.

    I've heard that books are not backed up by iCloud so do not delete purchased books

    i backed up my iPhone to iTunes on my mac mini. something happened. i can't access my iPhone anymore on iTunes. its all one big yellow block of other. I've tried everything. nothing works. so i made a new backup to a new computer.

    I'm wondering if the fact that the iPhone is encrypted on a new computer is causing the block to be all "othered"

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