Total Defense 3D: tower defense game with intense action ported to iPhone

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    Craving for a really smashing gameplay coupled with a catching plot? Experience totally addictive Total Defense 3D!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Get ready to immerse into the action set in a faraway galaxy where people are languishing under the rule of the cruel Tyrant. You are the only hope and savior for those starving and dying because of unbearable taxes. Rise against the Imperial army and free all the planets in the solar system!
    Build powerful towers and protect your mining base to fight the Empire’s forces. Work out the best strategy to eliminate the enemies and their military depots.
    • Accomplish 23 exciting story-driven missions
    • Choose any of 4 upgradable types of towers
    • Develop 5 sets of skills
    • Try on each of the featured levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard or Hell
    • Explore exotic alien landscapes in 360 degrees
    • Discover different planets in the galaxy
    • Get inspired by the exclusive, futuristic electronic soundtrack
    Feel the taste of space battle with Total Defense 3D!
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    Looks interesting. But I have one suggestion for you and other vendors as well. Post actual screen shots of the app and no collage photos and such. I prefer to see the real thing and not shots that look like an advertising flyer.
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