Totally Missing some calls - Fast Busy - Northern NJ

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by sigamy, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. sigamy macrumors 65816

    Mar 7, 2003
    NJ USA
    I've had the iPhone since iDay. More than a few times my wife has complained that she tries to call me and just gets a fast busy and then it disconnects. My iPhone has no notice that a call was even attempted--no missed call, no vmail, nothing.

    I've called AT&T three times. First time they said there were towers down in my area. Next time they said they sent an update to my SIM card and fixed a problem with my visual voice mail. Then I called yesterday and they had me go into airplane mode and then back so that it would re-register on the cell network.

    The tech also told me to turn the iPhone off and back on at least once per day. Has anyone heard this?

    Each time they said it won't happen again. Just a temporary fluke. Yeah, well it's been two months and this issue won't go away.

    My wife is still on Verizon and she is getting upset that I spent money on iphone and she can't get a hold of me. I've also had friends from other states try to call and not get me.

    Could it be my phone? My location? (northern NJ--Morris and Essex counties)
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    to tell if it's your location/iphone you can always go and buy a cheap gsm phone (I've seen phones on ebay for around $25 or so) and try using that phone. if it continues it's the tower's/at&t's fault.

    Though I'd guess that it's the tower. Do you roam? I'e had some roaming towers be crap.
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    May 1, 2005
    Ditto. I'm having these same issues, but unlike you, haven't bothered to call AT&T about them. :p

    I'll have my phone sitting in one spot in front of me. Nothing. No activity. Only to have the vmail chime alert. WTF?! And if I leave the phone in that same spot and call out, it works-- so it's not that there is NO reception. There is. But there's some sort of disconnect.

    So now, I ask anyone who calls, to just leave a vmail as so far AT&T and my iPhones (on the second one) is registering the vmails-- just not all my calls. :rolleyes:

    I half blame AT&T for their service. And I half blame the iPhone hardware itself (since my dad's Blackberry Pearl and my mom's cheapy Sony all get better reception than the iPhone in the same spots).
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    One point: as with any EDGE device, when it's on EDGE, it cannot receive calls.

    So, if you're not on WiFi, and your phone is checking email, or you're downloading a web page, or whatever, you will not get the call while EDGE is active.

    That's why people can often call right back and reach you. EDGE has to be active, which means actively uploading or downloading. When you're just reading a page or an email, you can receive calls.

    I keep forgetting this annoying fact. The iPhone has made it more noticeable because people surf and email with it far more often.

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