"TotalSpaces" Beta for 10.9 Released

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    "TotalSpaces" introduced OS X 10.5/6 "Spaces" into 10.7/8. The popularity of the application was so strong, BinaryAge ("TotalFinder" producers) bought it and brought the developer in house. Since, I can't recommend it enough (no, I'm not a company shill) ;).

    "TotalSpaces" 10.9 Mavericks

    "TotalSpaces" main page for those new to the application.

    EDIT: Noticed the mod's moved my original post while I was editing it and I thought I placed it in the wrong forum. I suppose this isn't 10.9 related?

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    Thanks. Love this app. New inside cube transition.
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    Ditto. So many people hated "Mission Control", "TotalSpaces" had higher demand than "TotalFinder". Thanks for the heads up on the new transition, missed it.

    Noticed Stephen (the developer) stated it will be slightly different since 10.9's multiple display implementation has been changed (ex. each display will have its own grid as opposed to one display showing both desktops side by side as in OS X 10.5/6). It's akin to having two separate running "TotalSpaces" apps for each display.

    Have you seen the option to keep a moved window in the same position as the previous desktop?

    - Trying it out, have dual 27" displays on a Mac Pro, it's different (not in a bad way, just different). Not sure what yours (or anyone else's) setup may be, but if you have dual displays let me know what you think of it. I'm giving feedback as much as I can and may even help the guy out as he's working his *** off.

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