TotalSpaces, perfect 10.6 Spaces App for Lion/ML

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    Jan 8, 2009
    TotalSpaces is a few days from 1.0 release, beta testing 0.9.9 now between Lion and Mountain Lion. It is FANTASTIC! Works exactly as Spaces did prior to Lion. Some screen shots attached. I use dual displays, support for dual displays is coming in the 1.0 release as well as other features. It's free now, will be $12 for a license. I'm in no way affiliated with the developer, whose original ReSpaceApp was recently bought by BinaryAge, makers of TotalFinder. Kudos to Stephen!


    Define your grid:
    Navigate left, right, up and down between your desktops.

    Manage your desktops:
    Display an overview of desktops and drag windows between them.

    Choose your transitions:
    Fully customizable transitions and hotkeys.

    Swipe between desktops:
    Moving around your grid has never been easier

    Trigger the overview grid just by moving your mouse.

    App assignments:
    Keep your apps where you want them. Assign apps to desktops.

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    Thank you. I note this is the same developer as TotalFinder, another cool product. Doesn't do multiple monitors, but it's on the "to do" list. They also say it's gonna work with Mountain Lion (which is great, but also means Apple will continue at least one lame part of the interface...:mad: ).

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    Jan 8, 2009
    Been using it with Mountain Lion DP3.1 (ADC member), works perfectly. I've been working with Stephen, the initial developer, bug reporting.

    Version .9.9.9 works, I updated to a new released version this morning and caused Mountain Lion's dock to crash in an infinite loop. I reported the crash logs to Stephen. Removing the app, related system files, resetting PRAM, etc. didn't fix it, had to restore from Time Machine backup so be warned if using it with 10.8.

    Dual display support is coming, and now that Apple has allowed ungrouping application windows in Mission Control (essentially an "All Windows" Exposé option returned), 10.5/6 Exposé and Spaces should be back with 10.8 :).

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