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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by lavrov, May 9, 2009.

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    Jan 2, 2009
    Hello everyone,

    Some of you may remember me with my first app "good karma", I had a good idea, but it collapsed because I had too many things to do and I was alone. That was long time ago.

    Well, now I've called my friends, found some new ones, so we established a new company, our goal is to release about a 100 new apps for the iPhone before the end of this year. Currently we are preparing 10 of them to submit to the iTunes AppStore. We are trying to find new niches, working hard to not to copy other's people idea, own design, graphics, sounds, etc. I hope you guys here will enjoy our apps.

    But here is one app that I want to share some news with you now: Touch Karma, basically this is finally the Karma app that I wanted to see in the beginning, but back then I was unable to do such thing by myself. It will be a first app that is released by my new company and I would like to welcome everyone on this forum to check out it's website and cartoons that we've created to promote this application.

    Website: you can watch videos on the website, or just browse to Touch Karma YouTube video channel here: your ratings for the cartoons will be greatly appreciated!

    You can also follow us on twitter: as soon as we are accepted by Apple I'm going to publish some free promo codes on our twitter page! :)

    I'm not going to repeat what the cartoons are about and how applications works, because you can find it yourself on our website, but in a few words I would say this app will be mainly interesting for parents.

    Please share your thoughts based on Touch Karma website and videos and I will be here to announce it when it comes out on the iTunes!

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    Jan 2, 2009
    Finally approved!

    This is the day! We got our application approved and it's already available on the iTunes to buy!

    A team of almost 20 people (from Delaware, California, Florida and also Russia) worked to make this nicely designed parenting (actually it's not only for parents, so take a look at our website) application.

    We've priced it for US$2,99, I know it's above average, but if you look at it closely you actually get three application in one, so I hope you find the price reasonable as it's actually less then a dollar per each app inside of Touch Karma. :)


    "Karma for Kids" is a very useful parenting app inside "Touch Karma", "Karma for Friends" is to find out who is your best friend and you get a virtual "Piggy Bank" all in one app! :)

    Please visit our website to read a review, watch cartoons and make your decision (if you decide to buy just click on the "Available on the iTunes logo on the main page), I really hope you will like it:

    Or you can go directly to the iTunes and just click on a "Buy App" button.

    Your positive reviews on the :apple: iTunes will be highly appreciated! :D

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