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    Hey guys,

    This was out first app and is quite old now but we'd like to put it out there just in case any of you haven't seen it before. It's quite different to the other offerings.

    Anyway, here are a few details. If you've got any questions then fire away!


    Official Website with more screen shots

    General Features
    Custom layouts for portrait and landscape
    HD iPad graphics
    Full Retina Display support
    5 interactive and customisable screens
    Low battery usage
    Stopwatch accurate to 100th second and even runs when the app is closed *
    Countdown timer
    Supports iPod touch internal speaker
    Can disable the device auto lock feature
    Application Badge for alarms
    Hide the system status bar
    * multitasking iOS not required

    Speaking Clock
    Male and Female voice
    3 spoken styles; simple, elegant and military
    Touch the screen to hear the time
    Spoken alarm
    Spoken chime interval
    Snooze Alarm Features
    Unlimited number of customizible alarms
    Custom label for each alarm
    7 retro digital watch alarm sounds
    6 modern buzzer alarm sounds
    Wake to music from your iPod
    Set repeat days
    Independant volume for each alarm
    Snooze duration and interval
    Hear the time with spoken alarms
    Wake up to a simple eye-to-hand coordination puzzle to help you wake up
    Snooze or disable an alarm with the proximity sensor (*)
    Alarms sound even if device is locked
    * iPhone only

    World Time Features
    8 World Times
    Specify individual Local and World time zones (from a built-in list of over 400 countries)
    Quickly switch between active time zones
    Alarms sound for the active time zone
    Notification Features
    Chime on the hour, every 30 minutes or every 15 minutes
    Touch Tones give audible feedback when you touch the screen
    Vibrate on an alarm and chime event
    Display Features
    5 color schemes; blue, green, amber, red and white
    2 font styles; Classic LCD and Modern
    12h or 24h time format
    Realtime updated seconds
    Simulated LCD touch effect
    Screen Saver Features
    Adjustable screen dimmer
    Override the auto-lock feature or leave enabled when running only on battery
    Cancel the screen dimmer with the proximity sensor (*)
    * iPhone only

    Night Mode Features
    Reduce screen glare with an inverted display mode
    Automatically disable chime events so you are not disturbed
    Automatically exit Night Mode when the next alarm sounds



    If you would like to try this for free, we will be giving away promo codes at 1pm this afternoon.

    Keep an eye on this forum

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    Jan 30, 2011
    New Update in Progress

    If you are a TouchLCD user then you'll be pleased to know we are working on an update right now!

    We'll be posting details on Twitter if you want a 'live' account of our progress. Full details will be posted here when we are ready for release.


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