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May 30, 2012
Hi guys,
I need some help. I just recently bought an ipad 2,
when i bought it, it all work fine until now the first trouble is that the ipad2 become unresponsive(touch screen wise)
when playing games,when connecting or losing wifi connection, emailing, and mostly just being on,will have the chance of the ipad freezing up
and also the ipad sometimes goes berserk while in touch screen nresponsive mode
the screen is moving on its own and sometimes types things on its own as well.
i have tried several ways to fix it, reset manually at the ipad2 settings,
soft reset, hard reset, update the firmware(i have updated it to os5.1.1), restore,
and backup, and none of those help.
I thought it would be unresponsive apps that make the ipad froze up, and
i don't think that the issues, i'm hoping the problem in not hardware wise(bad ipad batch).

Any help would be very much appriciate it and thank you in advance on any contribution on helping me finding solution to this problem.

Kind regards,


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May 15, 2007
As others have said exchange it. I had a similar problem with a brand new Cowon MP3 player. The screen would go berserk out of sleep mode. I had it exchanged under warranty and zero problems since.

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